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Why everyone should learn to program

How learning to create technology and programming can make a difference As a parent you want to prepare kids for the world. And although technology is central to our society today, there is hardly any teaching on how children can interact responsibly with technology. Programming can help with that. In this article, we highlight the important skills kids learn by creating technology and programming and how this can make a difference to their future. And you really don't have to be a techie for that! ;) Creating technology stimulates... 1. Creativity When you are creating technology,

Bomberbot joins Coderise to prepare digitally skilled future generations

Bomberbot joins Coderise to prepare a digitally skilled next global generation Bomberbot is very proud to announce their acquisition by Coderise, an organization focused on providing upward social mobility to the underprivileged communities through software programming education. Bomberbot and Coderise will offer a new program in the USA that aims to teach middle school students digital skills through an extracurricular computer science and media literacy program. Bomberbot, founded in the Netherlands in 2014, is very happy excited as this acquisition takes the social enterprise a step closer towards their mission: bring digital skills and computer science skills to

Let us introduce ourselves

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Bomberbot. We are a social enterprise founded in the Netherlands in 2014. It is our mission to bring digital skills to girls and boys around the globe. In 2020 we joined Coderise, an organization that provides software education to the underprivileged in Latin America and the USA. We are very proud that, as of today, we will work together towards our joint ambition: making digital skills and basic computer science skills available for everyone to learn. Why digital skills? We believe that digital skills are necessary in the 21st

Business insider talks about Bomberbot

Bomberbot is one of the 50 game-changing startups Back in 2016 Business Insider named Bomberbot as one of the 50 startups that are likely to change the world. Four years later, we have not yet changed the world. However, we still believe very strongly in our mission. We want to help kids around the globe learn digital skills for life. Check out Bomberbot on Business Insider's top 50 of the most-likely-to-change-the-world startups here.

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