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Everything you need to teach important Digital Skills – no prior experience needed!

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Program for Grade 6 – 8 to develop and improve digital skills

Students will develop digital knowledge and skills that will help them be active and successful participants in our increasingly digitizing society. Our lessons are aimed to help students develop a basic understanding of Computer Programming and develop media literacy.

The best teacher guidance

Let our facilitators provide you with the best training to get you started and rely on our user-friendly teaching materials. Plus, our customer support is always ready to help. We provide you with everything you need!

Develop important skills

Students develop practical digital skills they can utilize at school and in their private life. From media literacy to programming, through our lessons students learn to become knowledgable and responsible online participants.

Teacher Platform

Prepare lessons, manage your online classrooms and track your students’ progress – all in one platform. Teachers praise the user-friendliness of our teaching tools and materials.

Student Platform

Provides students with the tools to develop digital skills, including videos, assignments and theory.

What Bomberbot teaches

With Bomberbot, any teacher can teach digital skills to their Grade 6 – 8 students in a fun and easy way – even without any prior knowledge or experience.
Learn how to become the best digital skills teacher through a training by one of our facilitators and rely on our ready-to-use teaching materials created by educational specialists.

Media Literacy

Students learn about the modern media landscape and how (digital) media affect our society in many ways, discussing topics such as fake news, cyberbullying and the impact of social media. Students gain important insights into their own digital footprint (i.e. what data is collected about them online). They will learn how algorithms personalize our online experience – from the advertisements we see on YouTube to our search results on Google – and what impact this has on society.

Computer Programming

Aimed to help students understand the basics of how computers work and how we can communicate with them. The lesssons will teach students to write simple computer programs using a visual programming language. Next to that students will know basic programming concepts such as For loops, If Statements and Until Loops and how to apply these when programming and customizing their own online games.

You can review all modules and learning objectives here.


A program suited for Grade 6 to 8 students
Enjoy our practical and fun training to get you started
including a free teacher account
and access to the students’progress tracking tool
Media Literacy Modules
Introduction to Media
(5 lessons)
Online Communication
(2 lessons)
Online Privacy and Safety
(5 lessons)
Computer Programming Module
Basic Programming Concepts
(7 lessons)

Game Development
(4 lessons)

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