Bomberbot joins Coderise to prepare a digitally skilled next global generation

Bomberbot is very proud to announce their acquisition by Coderise, an organization focused on providing upward social mobility to the underprivileged communities through software programming education. Bomberbot and Coderise will offer a new program in the USA that aims to teach middle school students digital skills through an extracurricular computer science and media literacy program. Bomberbot, founded in the Netherlands in 2014, is very happy excited as this acquisition takes the social enterprise a step closer towards their mission: bring digital skills and computer science skills to all girls and boys worldwide.

“Bomberbot and Coderise share the belief that digital skills and basic programming knowledge are crucial in today’s digitized society. Together we can expand our reach and impact to teach coming generations the digital skills they require to become successful citizens.”

says Coderise’s founder Andres Barreto, who is also one of Bomberbot’s earliest investors.

Founded in 2014 in the Netherlands by Colombian Cristian Bello, Bomberbot has brought digital skills to children in the Netherlands through an extensive range of both school programs and after school activities. Their school programs aim to help students develop digital skills through a curriculum for both primary and secondary schools.

Bello, founder Bomberbot, about the acquisition:

“We’ve always been ambitious. In the Netherlands we have brought digital skills to more than 175.000 children through our school programs and after school activities. Working with Coderise to bring our successful programs to the USA and Latin America is a great opportunity for Bomberbot and Codrise and our mission: bring digital skills to girls and boys around the globe.”

Coderise already offers an extensive range of programs available for students of all ages: a one and two-year program provide students from the age of 18 the opportunity to become the best programmers through a Full-Stack engineering program. An extracurricular program for students in high school teaches HTML, CSS and Javascript to students of the age of 15-18 years.

With Bomberbot’s experience and expertise in digital skills, the new program, which is based on the curriculum Bomberbot offers for primary and secondary students, will reach out to a new age group for Coderise: students in middle school from the age of 12-15 years old.

About Bomberbot

Bomberbot is an innovative education company founded in the Netherlands in 2014 by Cristian Bello. It is Bomberbot’s mission to empower all girls and boys around the world with the necessary digital skills by providing accessible and engaging solutions for teaching and learning 21st-century skills. In the Netherlands, over 7.500 kids have developed digital skills with Bomberbot.

Want to learn more? Get to know Bomberbot here.

About Coderise

Coderise was founded in Florida in 2012 by Andres Barreto to solve a problem he observed while being a Colombian immigrant entrepreneur in the USA; digital technology is a driven force for economic development but not everybody has access to learn those 21st-century skills. Coderise offers programming bootcamps for teenagers in Latin America, later expanded to offer alternative college education in the USA and now is present in Europe with Bomberbot.

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